Tubal Reversal Texas – Yvonne & Freddie Mims

The tubal ligation was done 1994 in Germany after my first two children were born (1988 & 1994). At that point I was sure that I would not want any more children but, that was before I met my current husband…

Once we married and decided to try a tubal reversal I found Dr. Rosenfeld through an internet search for specialists.

In March 2005 I had my surgery. It went very well and I received the Q-pump for pain management. The pump was removed by my husband at home after less than 24 hours..

Since I am older than your average mom, my chances for conceiving were low and I was told to come back if I was not pregnant after one year… I returned six week later after a positive pregnancy test!

Our daughter Aiyana was born in January 2006 at the Women’s Hospital of Texas.

After the birth of Aiyana we opted for the Mirena IUD as our method of birth control. This IUD was removed by Dr. Rosenfeld in May 2009 when we decided to try for another baby. At that point my chances were even lower as I had reached a more advanced age of 41. Again, after the removal I was told to give it a year before discussing other means (hormone therapy, etc.). Six weeks later I was back at his office after a positive pregnancy test!

Our son Eric was born in April 2010.

We are thankful for our very healthy, beautiful children that we would not have if it weren’t for Dr. Rosenfeld’s expertise. His office staff and nurses are fantastic!

Thank you!

Yvonne & Freddie Mims – Baytown, TX