Tubal Reversal Texas – Summer Neece

I just wanted to write to you – to thank you once again for another baby and for the marvelous treatment I received at your practice. I never thought I would be able to get pregnant again after my tubal ligation, let alone at thirty-eight! The repair has lasted so much longer than we thought it would and I have you to thank for my two youngest children, who are both so happy and healthy. I never could have made my family complete without Dr. Rosenfeld and his miraculous tubal reversal surgery. Thanks again!

I had my tubal reversed by Dr. Rosenfeld and was pregnant eight months later. I delivered a beautiful baby girl, which is a true miracle! She has three older brothers that are just as thankful as we are for her. My husband and I have been married ten years and had a change of heart after having my tubes tied in a C-section after our third son. Dr .Rosenfeld is an angel and a miracle worker here on Earth. Without him, we wouldn’t have our precious Savannah!

Summer Neece – Katy, TX