Tubal Reversal Texas – Shemise Michael

It’s twins! My experience at Dr. Rosenfeld’s office was more of a joy than I ever imagined. After already having two kids and a tubal ligation I was set on not having additional kids, but later I got married and my husband did not have any children. Knowing I had gotten my tubes tied was scary because I didn’t know if they were repairable or how much had been cut off.

Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were so caring and optimistic. They performed a couple of easy tests and decided I would be candidate for tubal reversal. Dr. Rosenfeld explained the outpatient procedure in great detail and it was a simple semi-painless process! The follow-up care was fantastic and in less than 3 months I was pregnant!!!! Now we have 5 month old fraternal twins. Emeka Kayden Michael 6lbs 5.oz and Ngozi Katelynn Michael 5lbs 15oz.


Shemise Michael – Houston, TX
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