Tubal Reversal Texas – Georgina Lopez

Hello, I just wanted to send the picture of Justin Patrick Montes that you requested for your testimonials. I am very happy with the decision to have my tubal reversal. Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff are very helpful and make you feel at ease. The whole experience was great and not to mention affordable considering I did not have alot of funds to do this. I had checked with other doctors prices before hearing of Dr. Rosenfeld and thought that their prices were extremely high, more than double what Dr. Rosenfeld charges. I have recommend his services to other people who really desire to become pregnant again. I had the surgery done July 20,2010 and became pregnant August 27, 2010. I had Justin May 19, 2011.

Talk about fast results. Thank you again I can’t imagine not having my beautiful baby boy.

Thank you,

Georgina Lopez – Dayton, TX