Tubal Reversal Texas – Chasity White

The Q pain pump was such a pleasure to have.  I did not feel any pain at all.  Of course you will feel soreness from the surgery but I did not feel any pain at all.  It’s not uncomfortable nor annoying , however, it was very much needed and appreciated. If you do not get the pump, I feel you are making a huge mistake.  I never felt any pain with the pump, but if I was to take medication I bet I would have felt pain.  The pump, pumps medication right to your area, where as the pill medication takes a minute to get into your system, and you may feel pain until it enters into the right place.  So think of it as pain vs no-pain (pump is no pain). At first, I was very scared in having this major surgery but Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff took me in like one of their own.  They told me everything and Dr. Rosenfeld confirmed everything he said, showed me the equipment and provided an in depth analysis of what was to come.  After almost a year (9 months), I conceived a tubal reversal baby and am ever so thankful!

It was an absolutely wonderful experience and everyone should go to Dr. Rosenfeld, don’t look anywhere else!

Chasity White – Houston, TX