Tubal Reversal Services in Houston Texas

With a success rate of over 80 percent*, Dr. Rosenfeld is helping women throughout the United States and Internationally expand their families – safely, painlessly and affordably.

The only micro tubal reversal specialist performing an all inclusive procedure with ultra fine 10-0 Sutures, the On-Q PainBuster and an elite surgical team, Dr. Rosenfeld includes all other related and required procedures with each tubal reversal – hysteroscopy, removal of endometrial polyps and dye testing of the tubes to be sure they are completely water tight.

Dr. Rosenfeld has over 30 years of experience and specialized training in the use of the ultra fine 10-0 sutures generally used for delicate eye procedures, which is one of the reasons he limits the number of tubal reversal procedures he performs to a maximum of two per day.. This type of suture results in less scaring and adhesions, which creates an optimal healing environment and gives you the best chance for pregnancy.

This combined with the revolutionary pain management system, the On-Q PainBuster pump, enables you to quickly resume activity, restoring physical strength and resulting in a more rapid recovery. Dr. Rosenfeld is one of the few specialists using the On-Q PainBuster, because he believes the less pain a woman experiences, the sooner she will resume activity, and prepare for pregnancy.

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*Results depend on the health and lifestyle choices of the patient.