Second Trimester of Pregnancy for Tubal Reversal Patients

You will begin to feel more like yourself now. The morning sickness and fatigue usually passes between twelve and fourteen weeks.  Women often have greater energy during the second trimester. You may want to take advantage of this time to prepare for childbirth and make other plans.

Office Visits

Your prenatal blood work for a series of more sophisticated screening tests will be drawn around the sixteenth week. It is important for the accuracy of these tests that your pregnancy dating is correct. A trisomy profile will be included in this laboratory work and will identify if you are at increased risk for certain conditions. This is only a screening test and is not diagnostic; if the screening test has abnormal results, additional tests may be ordered.

Patients generally have a Level 2 ultrasound during the second trimester. This is a more sophisticated ultrasound, which shows more details of the baby. Your bladder should be comfortably full for the ultrasound. If you bring a VCR tape you may be able to have the procedure taped for you. If you will be thirty-five years old or older at your expected time of delivery, your doctor may want to perform an amniocentesis.


This is the time to choose your baby’s pediatrician. If you do not already have or know a pediatrician, your obstetrician may be able to recommend one. If you have never met this doctor, you and your partner may wish to make an appointment to meet the physician before the baby’s birth. You can then ask any questions about that doctor’s management of breast feeding, bottle feeding, well child care, insurance, office hours, etc. This will give you a chance to see if you feel comfortable with the medical management that this doctor offers.