Tubal Reversal Texas – Angel Spencer Schertz

I had my tubal ligation 14 years ago and decided we wanted one more child. My husband and I are now expecting and we couldn’t be happier with Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff. They were so wonderful and I loved the On-Q pain pump and how quickly we were able to get up and going! I got pregnant only 5 months after the tubal reversal surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld and am due in February of 2013. Thanks so much for everything and your attention to details, since it worked so well for us! Couldn’t be here without him and all of you at the office! I’m so thrilled and so grateful for Dr. Rosenfeld. I can hardly believe it happened and happened so fast!


Evelyn Miller – Magnolia, Texas

I am speechless about my experience here; it was a true blessing! The procedure is great and I am glad to have had such a great bunch with me through this procedure.  The staff was awesome and Dr. Rosenfeld was great; I have no complaints! They followed up with me and did everything 105%! The on-q pain pump worked 150%; I wouldn’t have made it without it!


Martha Mendoza – College Station, Texas


Hello my name is Martha Mendoza my husband Aurelio Mendoza and Elicalia Mendoza my tubal reversal daughter gives a very special thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld’s help. When I came here my tubes were tied for about 10 years but I wanted to have a baby, so I came here to the doctor and thank God my dream came true, and now here is my baby is now 2 years old and is very healthy, very cute and a dream I never thought it could be possible, but I did it and I’m very happy taking about the wonderful things the doctor do, giving happiness to people, Thank you very much Dr Rosenfeld.



Tubal Reversal Texas – Candice Toten & Family

I had a tubal reversal surgery by you on May 28th 2008. Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart what an awesome Dr. you are. After just 3 months of trying we got pregnant with our new son Ty. He was born July 2,2009. We plan on having one more in the near future. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have him in our lives.He is such a great baby. Best one so far. He never cries and has the biggest dimples ever. So cute. We are truly blessed because of your work you do. I have sent a picture of him below. Thank You So Much!!

Candice Toten & Family – Waco, TX

Tubal Reversal New Mexico – Kari Martin


Everything went better than expected and I highly recommend your office.

Meet Case Martin born 12/21/12! I would love to share my story with anyone and I welcome any emails from prospective patients or doctors.

Thank you, Todd & Kari Martin


Tubal Reversal Texas – Tamela Burfine

It was a really nice experience; very successful for me I had 2 children thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld.

-Tamela Burfine (Lufkin, Texas)

Tubal Reversal – San Antonio, Texas – Angel Gonzalez

My scar healed up nicely. You can barely tell that it is there and I am very happy with that. I would like to thank Dr.Rosenfeld for our miracle. We are very happy and excited to be pregnant. we had never thought that this would be ever be possible, but thanks to Dr.Rosenfeld (The Miracle Deliverer) we are expecting.

Thank you so very much!!!

Tubal Reversal Hawaii – Christine Schutte

My tubal reversal experience was great! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend the on-q pain pump; it was awesome and helpful! I was out & about that day.

I recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and his office to anyone; it was such a great and exciting experience!