Tubal Reversal Texas – Araceli Colin

I never thought I would be able to have another baby but thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld, we did! Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff were very, very nice and informative.  Everything was better than great and the on-Q pain pump more than helped!

Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld for giving us our darling son!

Araceli Colin – El Campo, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Kimberly Fenton

The pain pump was great, it lasted 2 days but had no trouble getting it removed, had reversal and miscarried right after. Now pregnant due Valentine’s day next year, “I will do it again”.

I highly recommend it and I have nothing bad to say, love Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff is great. I have no complaints.

Kimberly Fenton – Daisetta, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Karla Davis

I was very pleased with Dr. Rosenfeld and how wonderful the experience was.  Dr. Rosenfeld was great and very upfront, open and informative.  The office staff was wonderful, constantly treating you like family.  I was back on my feet that day and so blessed with my child!

Karla Davis – Houston, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Cecilia Ruiz

I was very happy with my tubal reversal surgery.  I was very comfortable with Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff was great.  The on-q pain pump was great; there was no pain at all and I didn’t need meds. I would truly recommend this surgery to anyone because I had my tubes tied for six years then had my reversal and managed to get pregnant twice! Had surgery Oct 2008 delivered first baby 08/13/2009 second baby 07/13/2010.

Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld.

Cecilia Ruiz – Houston, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Veronica Garcia

Dr. Rosenfeld is excellent, and I was very comfortable with him.  The on-q pain pump helped immensely and I was back on my feet the next day. I am very happy for everything Dr. Rosenfeld did for me and his wonderful staff, I am so thankful for my two tubal reversal babies! Carlos E Ramirez born 10/05/07 and Issac J Ramirez born 09/12/09 (with teddy bear) they are healthy and smart as they can be!

God gave me these two wonderful babies with the hard work of Dr Rosenfeld, God Bless you!

Veronica Garcia – Houston, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – A.L.

At first, I went to the office for the pre-op and Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff successfully explained to me what I was to expect.  I was very nervous at first but after the surgery itself, everything was well. The surgery was painless and with the help of the pain pump, pain after the surgery was minimal to none! My experience was great; I waited three months and got pregnant immediately.  Now I am six months pregnant. Ana Damian is my Ob-Gyn and Dr. Rosenfeld was her professor at Baylor.

A.L. – College Station, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Evangelina Prado

Hello my name is Evangelina Prado and I’m going to tell my story, is short but cute. In January of this year I was looking for a doctor to have this surgery and be able to conceive, because I had my tubes tied, not just tied but also cut and burn, I had no hopes to extend my family, then I looked on the internet and I found Dr Rosenfeld, I looked other options and there were too expensive around $15,000 $18,000 $20,000 and this was the most economic and with more chances. In January I found him and in March I had my surgery and now in August I’m 9 weeks pregnant and super happy, I recommend Dr Rosenfeld a lot, the nurses are very clear on instructions and explain everything, and they speak Spanish. I’m very happy to be pregnant again.

Evangelina Prado – Houston, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Blanca Croson

I felt great about my surgery with Dr. Rosenfeld, him and his staff are absolutely amazing and answer any questions and make you feel at ease, I loved the On Q-pump, I was pain free by the next day it was not too long before I was back to my regular routine.   And I now have two beautiful children and I always recommend Dr. Rosenfeld to anyone interested in having children again after a tubal ligation, my OBGYN at time of C/section said that she has never seen such nice work from tubal reversal like mine. I had my procedure done October 2008 and was pregnant in January 2009.  I delivered my baby girl “Collette” on October 13th, 2009 and then got pregnant again and just had my baby boy “Caden” on February 22, 2011.  We are BIG happy family.  Enclose you will fine a picture of Collette and Caden.

Blanca Croson – Katy, TX