Tubal Reversal Baby #4 On Its Way!

UPDATE MARCH 2019: Facebook Messenger

Here are my 3 TR babies.

They can’t believe I’m having my #4 ❤

You all were a blessing to my family.

Heather Modesto
Van Buren, Arkansas

Here are more pics of these 3 tubal reversal babies!

Tubal Reversal Success from Cortez, Colorado

I chose Dr. Rosenfeld because I know several people who went to him and had good success having another baby.

My experience with Dr. Rosenfeld was amazing. He was very honest and did such a great job answering all my questions. Post-op pain was minimal!

His staff was warm and welcoming and so understanding! I got pregnant with a healthy baby girl month 2 of trying. I had her 3 days shy of my one year tubal reversal anniversary! Thank you, Dr Rosenfeld!!

Shannon Jennings
Cortez, Colorado

Email me at shannonjennings1692@gmail.com.

Brandy’s Texas Tubal Reversal Baby

My tubal reversal was done by Dr. Rosenfeld on 6/1/2021.

Little Haylee Grace was born 11/14/2022.

Brandy Allen
Mont Belvieu, Texas

Amanda’s Oklahoma Tubal Reversal Baby Miracle

Tubal reversal was 9/15/2021. We had a positive pregnancy test on 12/10/2022 with confirmation of twins.

Unfortunately twin B stopped growing and was absorbed into twin A. Currently 14weeks, 6 days pregnant. The ultrasound picture is from 11 weeks.

It was a long road to get to this point: One tube closed up after surgery. I had 4 rounds of clomid with low amh.

But we finally got our miracle baby!

Amanda Pedersen
Binger, Oklahoma

Essure Tubal Reversal Testimonial | Aladdin, Wyoming

My husband and I are from Aladdin, WY. In January of 2013, our third child, a beautiful baby girl, was born perfect and healthy. We couldn’t have been happier; our family of five felt perfect and complete. A few months down the road, as we were considering birth control options, the doctor informed us about Essure. This non-surgical, non-hormone, cost effective option seemed perfect. We went ahead with it, never imagining that there would ever be any reason to make us reconsider. Why would we when our little family was just right, and we were so happy?

A little over a year later on September 9, 2014, our perfect baby girl left us to walk with Jesus. With very little warning or symptoms, her appendix burst and her tiny body succumbed to sepsis very quickly. The doctors and staff worked so hard to help her, but our little angel flew to heaven. I can tell you there is nothing worse than losing a child. It hurts so badly that it truly feels as though your heart is breaking.

After several months, our boys began to question us about having another baby. The thought of a new precious miracle in our lives grew in our hearts quickly, and we began to look at what our options were. When I had gotten the Essure, the doctor had been very specific that it could not be reversed. With our first phone calls, we were told our only option was in vitro fertilization (IVF). As we researched that, it just didn’t seem like a great option for us. However, I stumbled on a website that advertised actual reversal of the Essure, and we were so excited! Within a short period, we had narrowed our doctor down to you, and your staff was able to work with me and schedule us in quite quickly.

In April of 2015, we were on your doorstep, hoping for a successful surgery and that a 35% chance of conception would be enough. We are so thrilled to write this letter and tell you THANK YOU!

Because of all of your dedication and hard work, we are expecting a baby girl on July 6! My C-section is tentatively scheduled for one week before her due date. We’ve just had our anatomy scan, and she is perfect. A baby is a blessing any time, but this baby had come at a time when we really needed some joy in our lives. Our boys are really planning all the things they will teach her and how they will take care of her.We miss our sweet, sassy little Reese every minute of every day. She left a never-ending ache in our hearts and an empty spot in our lives. However, you all worked together to provide our family with the opportunity for new hope in our lives, and we are ever so grateful for that. We just can’t thank you enough. We’ll send a photo after she’s born! May God bless you all.

Christi Marchant
Aladdin, Wyoming
Connect with me! christimarchant@gmail.com.

Katie Hawkins – Moscow, Idaho

Dear Dr. Rosenfeld & Staff,

After many, many months of research, my husband and I traveled to Houstonto see you for a tubal reversal. My reversal was done in November of 2014. My husband and I weren’t looking to add to our family at that time, we just wanted to have the ability to do so in the future. We got pregnant on the second cycle of trying!

After a 28 weeks of pregnancy bliss, my water broke prematurely. On November 1, 2016 at 30w2d, we welcomed our first baby girl into the world. She spent 66 days in the NICU feeding & growing. She joined her 3 older brothers at home 2 days before her January 8, 2017, due date. THANK YOU for everything!!! We are beyond blessed by this little girl and we will be forever grateful and thankful for your skill and expertise. And of course, pictures are attached!

Tubal Reversal Honolulu Hawaii – Christine Schutte

My tubal reversal experience was great! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend the On-Q pain pump; it was awesome! I was out and about that day. I recommend Dr. Rosenfeld and his office to anyone and it was such a great experience!

Thank you.

Christine Schutte
Honolulu, Hawaii

Tubal Reversal Alaska – Ivy Lloyd

We found Dr. Rosenfeld online and could not be happier that we did. After our consultation at his office, we felt very accommodated and reassured by his words. He did a fantastic job and made the scar very tiny.

It took us only six months to conceive and we are forever thankful! The On-Q pain pump* was amazing, and helped me have a comfortable, pain free recovery. The professional and friendly environment was very reassuring and we could not have fathomed what we received.

Dr. Rosenfeld is amazing and I recommend him to all!

Ivy Lloyd
Soldotna, Alaska