Tubal Reversal Texas – Kelly Russell

I just wanted to thank you for helping my husband and I to conceive our little miracle baby. Your tubal reconstruction made this pregnancy possible and we would not have our beautiful boy, our most precious gift, without you. Our son is such a blessing.

We can never thank you enough.

Kelly Russell – Woodlands, TX

Tubal Reversal New Mexico – John & Katy Mocho

Thank you for the excellent care we received! we will definitely recommend your practice to anyone considering this procedure. It was worth the travel from out of state!

Thank you, thank you!

John & Katy Mocho – Albuquerque, NM

Tubal Reversal Texas – Dianna St. Charles

Rosenfeld performed the reversal and we got pregnant immediately.  But a year later we were pregnant again. We had a beautiful, healthy baby girl. She is turning one and we are pregnant with our last child (hopefully a boy).

I didn’t think my reversal would work and it really did. We can’t thank Dr. Rosenfeld and his staff enough for his great work. God really blesses his work. We are a truly blessed family.

Dianna St. Charles – Tyler, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Kendell Simon

I had my tubal reversal 2 days before Thanksgiving November 2008. Shortly after around April 2009 I called to report we were expecting. Shortly after I miscarried around April 21st 2009. A sad moment but to my surprise I was able to conceive 3 weeks later. I was worried since I didnt have a normal menstrual cycle inbetween. But I was very lucky, I went full term and recently on February 4th 2010 I delivered a healthy baby boy we named Matthew. He weighed 6lbs 12oz. Enclosed are some pics of him.

I want to thank Dr. Rosenfeld. I am so blessed without him I wouldn’t have my new son. My son is such a blessing in our lives.

Kendell Simon – Hutto, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Jessie R. Valliere

This is Raven Evon Valliere…daughter of Jessie R. Valliere…my blessing after having my tubes reversed in 2007…she was born 02.05.10…thanks Dr. Rosenfeld and staff…

Jessie R. Valliere – Missouri City, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Steven & Regina Rodriguez

Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld for helping us have the blessing we have been waiting for.She is all that I have been dreaming of and more.

Thank you very much for helping expand our family!

Steven & Regina Rodriguez – Houston, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Nicholle Logan

Dr. Rosenfeld performed the reversal surgery on July 1, 2009. We found out we were having a baby on Febuary 14, 2010 and Hailey was born on October 10, 2010.

Thanks so much for making it possible to have this baby. It really has been an awesome experience.

Nicholle Logan – San Antonio, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Lecia Dufresne

His work is a true blessing!!! If any women is reading this that is considering a reversal I give you my word that you have nothing to worry about he is great. He was able to repair one of my tubes and it worked!! And the tube he did repair did not have much Length to it at all!!!

I do not regret my decision and I promise you will not as well..My case was a true miracle so you can have the same..GOD BLESS YOU and Dr. Rosenfeld…

Lecia Dufresne – Cedar Park, TX