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Tubal Reversal Texas – Melissa Garay

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for my husband & I, you gave us our miracle baby! Back to march 23, 2010 you proceeded my operation “tubal reconstruction” I was worried at first that the procedure wouldn’t work and that  I wouldn’t become pregnant, thanks to your expertise the operation was a success, I conceived in July of 2010 and had my handsome baby boy Mason Drae Garay on April 13, 2011 he weighed 8 lbs 7 oz and was 100% healthy, I had no   problems during my pregnancy, thanks to all your staff and everyone at the hospital for their kindness & support, I would recommend you to other couples who would want to have this operation done. When finding out that my husband & I were pregnant it was a very exciting moment, we were very ecstatic when he arrived and now he is a joy to our family.

Thank you for our miracle baby!

Melissa Garay – Bay City, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Olivia Medrano

My tubal reversal with Dr. Rosenfeld was good, painless and quick.  I was comfortable with Dr. Rosenfeld and he always told me what I needed to know.  The staff was great and I had no problems.  The on-q pain pump was a miracle worker, no pain! Six months after my surgery I was pregnant with twins.

Thank you Dr. Rosenfeld!

Olivia Medrano – Houston, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Betty Vazquez

Thanks to Dr. Rosenfeld I was able to have a baby again, I had my Tubal reversal in august 2007, and I’m so happy I did because in May 2008 at the 7 1/2 month of pregnancy I had my baby delivered by c-section. I had the best experience ever, first I was afraid of getting the surgery but Doctor Rosenfeld and his staff make me feel like family I had my tubal ligation done when I was 25 years old and I always regret it, and thanks to Doctor Rosenfeld I was able to be a mom again.

Betty Vazquez – Conroe, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Rebecca Martin

Everything about my experience with Dr. Rosenfeld was great!  The pain pumped helped out and I got back on my feet soon after the surgery.

The staff was great and I am now pregnant!

Rebecca Martin – Houston, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Kenyatta Keller

Dr. Rosenfeld and his office staff were very compassionate,working with us to the best of his ability! His service is knowledgeable and I recommend him to all! The On–Q pain pump helped out a lot and was also very basic, easy to operate!Within a couple of months, I was pregnant with my daughter!

Kenyatta Keller – Baker (Houston, TX)

Tubal Reversal Texas – Lecia Dufresne

His work is a true blessing!!! If any women is reading this that is considering a reversal I give you my word that you have nothing to worry about he is great.My case was a true miracle so you can have the same..GOD BLESS YOU and Dr. Rosenfeld…

Lecia Dufresne – Cedar Park, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Victoria Summers

Only four months after having Dr. Rosenfeld untie my tubes, I got pregnant. My husband and I were so happy and grateful that this simple surgery could make all of our dreams come true. The surgery itself went very well and I did not experience much pain because of the Q Pain Pump (every woman should have the Pain Pump after her operation). My husband was able to take the pump out once we were home and I was up and around only two days after the surgery. I even had an easy pregnancy and now we have a wonderful little boy. I highly recommend Dr. Rosenfeld if you are looking for a doctor to do your tubal reversal. His staff are all very sweet and they are with you every step of the way.

Thank you so so so much Dr. Rosenfeld for helping us to bring our handsome boy into the world.

Victoria Summers – Glen Rose, TX

Tubal Reversal Texas – Jaime Douglas

Dr. Rosenfeld performed an amazing surgery.  Every aspect of my surgery went perfectly.  The nursing and office staff is always extremely friendly and helpful.  They always offer more than a patient could expect.  Dr. Rosenfeld’s office is always immaculate and offers a comforting environment.  It only took 4 months to conceive our perfect baby A.J.  This was my first pregnancy to carry full term, after having 2 preemie babies.

Thank you for all of your help.

Jaime Douglas – Humble, TX